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Download COD Mobile APK Free

Call of Duty Mobile or COD Mobile apk download is completely free and you can do so by following the procedure we are going to discuss today. The already popular War game from PC platform has finally arrived on Mobile and Tablet devices on both Android as well as iOS. Published by Activision in collaboration with PUBG Mobile‘s Tencent Games, COD Mobile was officially launch globally on 1 October 2019.

Where To Download COD Mobile APK Free?

So for those who are looking for the direct link to download COD Mobile APK free, here’s what you’re searching for.

Download Game Killer APK V3.11

Since the COD Mobile apk file is for Android devices, you will need to download the OBB or App data separately in order to complete the installation process. Only then will you be able to play COD Mobile on your Android Device.

Download COD Mobile APK Free

An alternative way to download and install Call of Duty Mobile is to simply search for the game in Google Playstore from your Mobile Phone. For iOS users, initially on the launch day, the app seems to be under optimized for search as searching for terms like “COD Mobile” or “Call of Duty Mobile” in the Appstore yields no actual results. However, if you have searched by the Publisher’s name Activision, you would have gotten a more relevant result.

COD Mobile in the Playstore and Appstore

Within days from the launch of COD Mobile globally, the game has over 5 million downloads in Playstore alone. As on date, it has over 10 million installs. The instant popularity of COD Mobile can be attributed to the already popular PC version of the game over decade ago. After the launch of PUBG, rumors were that COD is soon coming to Mobile devices. So a lot of gamers who are enjoying PUBG Mobile’s huge success were eager to try out COD Mobile as well.

Will COD Mobile Take Over PUBG Mobile?

COD Mobile vs PUBG Mobile

While for some people COD Mobile offers more variety to gameplay, PUBG is still a better choice for many. That’s understandable from the fact that PUBG has been there for over a year now and with the numerous updates and added features, it has a larger customer base. Graphic is no doubt more realistic in PUBG Mobile. However, COD Mobile’s graphics is pretty much optimized and is on par in today’s mobile gaming. In the present scenario, it does not seem like COD Mobile will take over PUBG Mobile just yet – at least not with the current state of the game.

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