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PUBG Mobile Free Download for Android & iOS

PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battleground is a multiplayer online game available for free download on Mobile platform as PUBG Mobile. While the PC version costs Rs.999, PUBG Mobile is a free to download and play game. If you want PUBG Mobile Free Download for your Android Smartphone or iPhone or iPad, here’s how you can download and play the popular Battle Royale game from Playstore or Appstore.

PUBG Mobile Free Download Link

It’s really very easy to download PUBG Mobile for free. Just head straight to Playstore on your Android smartphone and click download and install. It’s similar to downloading and installing any other game or app for that matter. For iOS users, you can download and install PUBG Mobile from Apple Appstore. In case you ‘re not able to find the links or unable to find in your search result, here are the direct download links to PUBG Mobile.

Android users can download from this Appstore link directly, while iOS users will need to download it from here. You will need to have sufficient storage space on your phones (approximately 3GB on Android and 4GB on iPhone/iPad).

PUBG Mobile Download for Android and iOS

Alternative Ways to Download PUBG Mobile APK

If you’re not having a decent internet connection speed or want to save mobile data, there’s an alternative way to install PUBG Mobile by transferring it via ShareIt app and then the required OBB file so you can play directly without downloading from Playstore. To do this, open ShareIt on both your old and new phones. Select the app PUBG Mobile along with the additional OBB file from your old phone and send it to your new phone.

Now once received both the files, install the app on your new phone and open it. It will ask you for additional files before you’re able to start playing. Here you locate the additional OBB file sent to your new phone, cut and paste or move the file to Android>>Data>>PUBG Mobile. Clear your recent apps and start PUBG Mobile again. This is one way to save data and also quickly transfer your PUBG Mobile app from your old phone to your new phone with ease. Please note that this is applicable only for Android users. iPhone does not provide such facilities as you have limited access to your own files, let alone system files, for security purposes.

PUBG Mobile Control and Graphics Settings

Once you run PUBG Mobile, the default control settings will apply. You can customize it to your own style by going to settings on the bottom left corner gear icon on your lobby. On the right, select controls, then start customizing it. Not only the location of the buttons, you can also change the transparency and size of most buttons including fire button. I would suggest you to reduce the opacity of the fire buttons as you are going to play on small mobile screen and can make use of the see-through button in your gameplay.

Regarding graphics, your settings will be already saved based on your phone’s configuration. If higher graphics settings are applicable, you may change them. But one thing you should keep in mind is that you may experience frame drops or overheating or faster battery drain or a combination of these with higher settings. Even so, it may help improve your graphic experience. I would suggest you to set graphics to Smooth and FPS(also called frame per second) rate to either Ultra or Extreme. It’s a great gaming experience. I like it better than the graphics of Call of Duty Mobile anyways.

PUBG Mobile Graphics Settings

PUBG Mobile Rules – Don’t Get Banned

While PUBG Mobile is a free game that everyone can play, they are pretty strict when it comes to violating their rules. You can play in any mode you choose to play, Classic Solo, Duo or Squad. You can play Arena, Arcade which has various modes from DeathMatch to Payload mode. It’s fun to enjoy the game with your friends. However, many players in an attempt to hack or use certain third party apps to facilitate their skills, got banned. Some bans are temporary ans lasted for about 3 days while others are permanent. The permanent bans lasts for 10 years. Here are some tips to help you not get banned in PUBG Mobile.

  • Do not attempt to hack or play with any hackers. First hacking may go undetected but you will not be spared. Repeatedly playing with hackers will also get you banned.
  • Do not use any third party apps such as Octopus for trigger or for any purpose
  • Do not hurt or kill your teammates as your merit will reduced and eventually, you will not be able to join squad or Duo.
  • Play from your own account and do not let anyone else play without your knowledge
  • Do not attempt to introduce or use any cheat codes
  • There are no free UCs for PUBG Mobile. Any website or app claiming to give free UCs are fake. Do not buy or use them in PUBG Mobile

Enjoy PUBG Mobile Game

PUBG Mobile is made free to download and play by Tencent Gaming. It is meant to be played and enjoyed as an entertainment. You can make use of the various guns and vehicle skins you get as reward, show off your skills and become a pro player. It is not meant to replace your basic daily activities. It is a free time hobby and entertainment and one should enjoy winning and losing in the game. So go ahead and download PUBG Mobile, play and rank up. Get that chicken dinner on your next game.

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